I’m no programmer and so I don’t know if this is difficult and tedious to set up. But I thought that perhaps it would be easier to allow for a “default” selection in the program options/skins section. The “default” would = no skin, and so Weather Watcher would automaticaly inherit the system’s default skin. Set up like that, then I or (we) could skin the application with Windowblinds. And ofcourse, there are hundreds of skins available…

Wouldn’t it be easier that way…?

How would the “default” no skin know what weather elements to display? And where to display them? Windows doesn’t know, IE doesn’t know and WindowBlinds doesn’t know.

Can you provide URLs to the "hundreds of skins available… " to display weather data? It would help us better understand your idea.

From time to time I’ve also wished that WW would be able to somehow pick up the skin elements from Window Blinds. However this should probably be posted in WW Suggestions

rather than here. I will post something there as well.

Well, Windowblinds automatically skins the standard Window’s borders of any program if it’s using the same [system default]. The inside panel display remains the same or can use different displays provided by the Weather Watcher application. The “default” or “no skin” option would set the application’s windows to the typical Microsoft Windows display standard for quick skinning with Windowblinds. This way, you don’t have to “make” special skins for Weather Watcher and you can avoid the issue about providing hundreds of url’s. Let Windowblinds take care of that.