Skinned Tray tooltip shows on top of windows with BSplayer!!

Hello Mike :slight_smile:

As you may know there seems to be a problem on Windows Vista with the Skinned Tray tooltip opening on top of other opened windows like IE7 for example.

I have discovered something that I hope can maybe help you fix this issue. Which I really hate by the way :frowning:

If I am playing a video with BSplayer and then move my cursor over the Weather Watcher Live
tray icon the Skinned Tray tooltip opens on top of any opened window. Even if I minimize BSplayer Skinned Tray tooltip still opens on top of any window. As soon as I close BSplayer the Skinned Tray tooltip once again does not open on top of any winodow when moving the cursor over the weather watcher Live icon.

Any idea whats going on here?

I am really hoping you can fix this very annoying issue!

Maybe this info can help you.

You can get BSplayer from here


superman75 :-s

No, I am not aware of this issue. I recall an issue where the tooltip window was displaying behind other windows.

The tooltip window was designed to display on top of all other windows. If that’s what it’s doing, then it seems everything is okay.

What I ment to say was the Skinned Tray tooltip is “not” showing on top of windows.

I think the issue is Windows-related. The tooltip window is programmed to display on top of all other windows. If the same code works sometimes and not others, then something else is usually causing the issue. I don’t know of any way to tweak Windows to resolve this issue, nor do I experience it in Windows Vista SP1.