Skin with map thumbnail?

I haven’t looked into making my own skins, but wondered if anyone had tried making one with a weather map thumbnail on the current conditions page? I used to have a Classic skin that I added a local map thumbnail to, but now I prefer the Splendid skin. That old skin always showed the same map regardless of the city chosen, but that was OK because I only used it for one city. Would it be possible to do something similar with Splendid? Maybe substitute a map for the wind or barometer?

Can you post the skin that you modified?

How big was the thumbnail? Did it fit under the weather icon?

Does the change have to be to the Splendid skin?

I’m not at the computer where that’s stored, so I’m going from memory at the moment. What I did was modify what I’ll call a html template file that defined the Classic layout. I think it was called Current.??? I don’t remember the file type, but I don’t think it was HTM. I just added a tag into that file that pointed to a local TV station radar map with a scaled down size. I think I added a table or possibly added a column to an existing table. The weather data was in the left column and the radar image in the right. It made the Classic window a little wider. Clicking on the map opened a new window with the full size image. The thumbnail was probably about 200x150. It will be a couple of days before I can get to the computer with that file to be able to post it. That one file is all I changed.

I’d prefer to have something similar with the Splendid skin, just because I like its look. I just don’t have any particular interest in the wind or barometer dials.

The Splendid skin’s Current forecast can be challenging but you should be able to make a similar change to the Splendid’s Current.wtp. Replace the line that displays the barometer’s image. You need to keep the thumbnail image to 110 pixels high but the width should be able to vary without too much problem. Just add HEIGHT=110 and a WIDTH that retains the thumbnail’s perspective to the IMG tag. The Splendid thermometer makes the layout vertically sensitive.