Skin tip

Obviously this is just a beta, but if possible, please include a list of what icons represent what (like in bay area, hot has its own icon, while the others are sunny) so that users can design their own fully functional skins

Also, a tutorial for tags would be nice

I’m sure you probably thought of all this even before you coded the features, but we all overlook the little things, so just putting it on the table…

Thank you, and keep up the good work…when i find the money ill donate some, but im just a broke college kid right now [:(]

Check out this thread for the relationship of icoms to weather. … PIC_ID=694

There are also some utilities in the Skins forum for creating skins that maybe of some help.

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yeah, i missed that post in the skins area, but thanks for your help anyway. I’m messing around with the beta now

This posting might be more pertinent. … PIC_ID=553

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