Skin Template Code (Tag) Suggestions

Please post the suggested code (tag) and give an example of how it would be used.

[SKIN INTERFACE] - name of the interface being used.
[INSTALL LOCATION 2] - the WW install folder with 2 ""s.
[INSTALL LOCATION X] - the WW install folder with “/” in place of “”.
[ALERT ID] - the alertId uses to display info on an alert.

[ALERTS SOUND] - the complete path and filename of the New Severe Weather Alert .wav file.


if ‘[SKIN INTERFACE]’ = ‘Splendid’ document.write(‘Click on the Maps button above’);

if ‘[SKIN INTERFACE]’ = ‘Splendid’ document.write(‘Click on the above’);

if ‘[SKIN INTERFACE]’ = ‘Splendid’ document.write(‘Click on the above’);

if ‘[SKIN INTERFACE]’ != ‘Stone Soup’ document.write(“You’re not using my interface!!!”); :iconbiggrin:

if ‘[ALERTS AVAILABLE]’ = ‘true’ document.write(’’);


Sounds like good ideas to me (though i think the slashed version is a little too much, it can easily be made from one of the others), but I’d say it should be both more descriptive [to keep the style from the other tags] and the variations should reflect in all tags containing paths, ie.:

[INSTALL LOCATION ESC] - the WW install folder with escaped backslashes ["\\"] [INSTALL LOCATION SLASH] - the WW install folder with slashes instead of backslashes
and that goes for the alert sounds aswell, you should have:


for the completeness…

Well, it’s just my view…

Any progress on these [Install Location] changes planned?

Here are the new codes:


Here is the new ww.exe:

Note: Download the above file to “C:/Program Files/Weather Watcher”. Before doing so, you might want to rename your existing “ww.exe” file to “ww.old”.

Thank you Mike.

Will these be included in the next release? Can’t develop skins using them if no one else has them. :wink:

Yes. I just put that ww.exe together so you can get head start :icon_smile:

You’re the best Mike. :thumbright: :icon_smile:

Could you create tags for [MOONRISE AMPM] and [MOONSET AMPM] please?

And one for [ZIPCODE] for US locations?

Thanks :icon_smile:

There is no guarantee that [ZIPCODE] will send back the desired result. If people are searching by US city name, then their city will be saved as the city code, rather than the US zip code.

So you don’t have access to a location’s ZIP code?

A ZIP code can make a map image more specific to the end user than just a city name.

Not unless the city is added by searching for the zip code, rather than the city’s name.

Well if you have it then the tag will have a length greater than 0. But I understand what you’re saying.

Are you aware of any reverse lookup of WW code to ZIP code?

Nope. I don’t even know if the city code has any meaning.

I totally missed this before… I glanced over it quickly and thought I read something else. Where would this information come from?

WW.exe I would think. :iconbiggrin:

Doesn’t the XML data have it? has it. They use it at least here; … 1&dayNum=0

BTW Note, the URL uses a zipcode rather than a weather code. :wink:

Not always… … earch_city

It depends if you search for your city by name or zip code.

I did not see the zip code in the XML.

Do you use other input sources for WW? Do they have the zip code?

Regardless, as long as you can get the MOONRISE and MOONSET times I’ll be happy. :icon_smile:

No yet… and I’m not sure if they include the zip code. Keep in mind that the zip code is only good inside of the US.

Where is that info? :-s

Well, for me it comes from WW.exe, for you I don’t know. :???: It’s like the new ALERTS and LOCATION tags, I don’t see them in the XML data either but they work. :wink:

Someplace in the world of the times exist, since they display them on several of their pages of which the only one I can find at the moment is: … 9&dayNum=0 . So they’ve got to be around somewhere. :icon_smile:

If doesn’t have it this looks interesting: . Apparently it can be computed!! :shock:
[size=2] … type=place[/size]