Skin for WW in spanish / skin para WW en espa?ol

New skin in spanish
Nuevo skin en espa?ol

This is a very good job!!

Hey barba, I think you could create a “blank” template to other languages, that would be fantastic!

by the way Mike, if you are thinking to implement a language editor, my suggest is that you might create a new subforum un WW forums, may be called Translations where people would send their owns translations to improve WW, I mean, txt files renamed like .wwl (weather watcher language) or something similar, created on WW.
so, while you implements the feature, the forum could be hosting the [partial] translatios of the .wtp edited files.

contreras, we could just post the translated skins in this forum too? If people post their skins like mine ( … PIC_ID=687), I’ll mark them as sticky so the topics stay at the top of the forum.

When I implement the language feature, I’ll create a new forum here so people can create and post their translations. As I release new version of Weather Watcher, I’ll add those translation files to the setup.