Singer IS Creations

I don’t know if it’s on purpose or if it’s been discussed before, but I’d like to know why the apostrophe/single qoute is present in the name “Singer’s Creations” …?

I do know, though, that it’ll be a mess to remove it from all over, but i just got to wondering…

My last name is Singer… and they are my creations :cool:

Well, I got that much, just confused some grammar [danish grammar is a bit more messed up] so would you just erase this topic, and I’ll keep my mouth to my self…

The apostrophe s is our English way of denoting ownership, as in Mike Singer’s postings, Fl?gger’s postings, Mike’s software, Ed’s time, etc.

It’s quite possible others have had the same question but were afraid to ask. As some teacher use to say, the only dumb question is the one you don’t ask. :icon_smile:

Hehe, yeah, I found out :razz: but I guess it’s just because we denote that by not using the apostrophe, and I’m used to just seeing the apostrophe used to shorten stuff like I’m, he’s, you’re and it’s - thus thinking that “Singer’s Creations” could be read as “Singer is Creations”…

Any how, I know now it’s not that way, and according to the old saying [“You learn every day you live”], I’m still alive :cool:

Further reading I did on this, just cuz I got curious can be found here: … apost.html

Well, I’m off to bed now, so goodnight to anyone :wink: and if the old chinese saying* is right, I’m glad I’m sleeping alone tonight!

*) The saying is said to go: “It doesn’t matter if you sleep with your ass to the wall, if you sleep with your mouth open”

:shock: The chinese sure do say a lot of strange things don’t they. :razz: