Sidebar Gadget

The existing gadgets I have found are nowhere as good as weatherwatcher. Any chance you can create one?

Yes, I do plan on creating a Weather Watcher gadget.

I too would like to see a Weather Watcher Gadget for the Vista Sidebar. I run dual monitors with the Sidebar over on the second monitor so that specific gadgets are in constant view.

I’ve tried various weather gadgets on Windows Live. Some work, some do not. Having a dedicated WW Gadget that doesn’t have to independently access weather data across the Internet, but utilizes the main WW data, would be GREAT.

I do like the features and layout of the existing Gadget named WChannel, but it can only update every 30 minutes and is out of synch with WW.

WW gets it’s weather data from TWC and is only as current as the last update from TWC. Depending on what locations you use the data could be updated hourly or as frequent as every 20 mins regardless of what frequency you have WW set for.