Show the current condition and icon on the "Now" page.

I find it hard to believe I never noticed this before, but the current condition is not shown on the “NOW” page. I can find the current temperature, the wind, barrometric pressure, humidity, Today’s and Tonight’s FORECAST, but nowhere on the page can I find an icon for or the words indicating the current weather activity.

Granted, I don’t live in a windowless bunker, and I can always hover my mouse over the tray icon, but I really feel that the icon and the words for the current condition such as “Raining,” “Thunderstorms,” or “Sunny” belong on the NOW page when I open the WWL window. I find it somewhat disconcerting that it isn’t there.

Update: I guess I started typing before I really looked in the forum. Apparently I’m not the first to notice.

Please change this. It really is a glaring omission. And WWL has been out for how long?

It’s a good suggestion, but hardly a glaring omission since you’re probably the 5th person to suggest this since Weather Watcher Live was first released.

I realized I wasn’t the first, but if there have been 5 separate posts asking for this, obviously people feel that this basic weather information should be included on the NOW page.

In fact, given that the page is titled NOW, I feel the current weather condition not only should be there, it should be prominent. Unfortunately it is missing. I call that a major (even glaring omission.

The question is: Are you going to change it?

Five out of thousands of users is hardly obvious, major or glaring. In the world of software, the squeaky wheel gets the oil. It’s not possible to make every single change that is suggested.

The “NOW” section currently fills up all available space. Where exactly are you suggesting that information be added?

Then I suppose I have to keep squeaking…

For one, I would submit that some of the information on the page is not as important or useful as the current condition. For example, the map on the page currently tries to cover too much land area in too little screen space resulting in not enough detail to be of any real use. Hence, the many suggestions for allowing the user the option to specify a map of their own. However, I will make a suggestion that doesn’t involve the removal of any information.

There is unused space that could be used to add the small amount of (very useful) information we are asking for. I took the time to create a mock up of one possibility without making the window any larger than it was before. Keep in mind that I cut and pasted from different sources so although the numbers don’t match, the basic idea is there:

If that was moving things around too much, perhaps something like this:

Or for absolute minimal changes:

None of those really look right but if it had to be one of them, then the last pic would be my choice (the one on the right).

Which icon set is that you are using?

Of course, the real point was to show Mike that there is indeed enough available space for the information. He is trying to say there isn’t.

What do you think of the basic suggestion? I’m really trying to make the case that for a page titled “NOW,” the lack of the current weather condition is just plain wrong!

We have forecast information (including foretasted weather conditions), and we have historical data, and although it’s very valuable information, it’s not “now.” It’s “before” and “later.”

As far as “now” goes, we have basically just numbers: We have the current Temperature (twice), Barometric Pressure, Wind speed, Dew point, and so on, but we don’t have the full picture without the current weather condition. It especially doesn’t seem right without the current weather condition ICON. It should be there!

Unfortunately, I think Mike is ignoring the issue and hoping it will go away.

BTW, the icon set I’m using is the animated Meteo Consult icons. They really lose their charm with static screen shots. With the latest release of WWL (, you can use icon sets from the old WW. They are hard, if not impossible, to find anymore, so I uploaded the icon set here:

If I want to say something, there won’t be any trying about it. Let’s not put words in my mouth though, ok? :icon_smile:

That’s not true. You need to realize that it takes much more time to make such changes than it does for you to post suggestions.

I will probably hate myself in the morning, but this looks like it could work:

Ed_P, that looks close to the redesign that I’m working on. The only difference is that the current icon is at the top, left.

As an aside…Looks like Ed_P and others may need to update to V6.1.09 to get rid of stuck severe weather alert too.

How did you get them to show up inside the program? I copied the directory to the icons folder but they don’t show up in the listing for the icon sets.

Boofo, open the Weather Watcher Live Options window, go to the “Skins” section, and click the “Open Skin Location” button to ensure you’re in the correct location. The icon sets should be installed in that “Icons” folder.

That’s where I was messing up. I had placed the icon folder in the “C:\Program Files\Weather Watcher Live\Skins\Icons” folder. Thanks for clearing that up. :wink:

I did notice that the icons don’t animate in the system tray tooltip window. I take it that is by design?

That’s a limitation of the image controls I’m using.

Ah, OK. I ended up not using them anyway as the images were cut off in the bottom row for the hourly forecasts. Looks like they might need to be resized there.