Severe Weather alerts

I’m using version 5.6.24a and I have this program interfaced to upload current conditions to a webpage that I have here. {} I would like to be able to use the [SEVERE ALERT] = “feature” for the webpage so that when alerts are posted by my local weather service stations, I can read those via my web page which I use to access via my cell phone when I’m out working. The problem is, when an alert is posted, only the first line of the alert is posted. aka: “The National Weather Service in Albany NY has issued =” …thats it! Is there a work around for this in the current version or newer versions?

No, there is not a tag to display the full severe alert text.

What would it take to make that an option for either displaying part of the text as it is now and having an option that would allow a user to display all of it?

When [ALERTS COUNT] is greater than one you could put one or more links on your page that points to the Alert[ALERTS COUNT].txt files.

You might even be able to include the Alert.txt files into the page using Javascript SRC statements.

While the [SEVERE ALERT] tag doesn’t contain the whole alert text I do find it to be reasonably descriptive. Currently I’m seeing “THE NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE HAS ISSUED SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WATCH 737 IN EFFECT UNTIL 8 PM EDT THIS EVENING FOR THE FOLLOWING AREAS”, in mixed case. I don’t see all the areas effected but since I’m seeing the alert I must be one of them. #-o