Setting Preferences Causes Firefox to Hang

I just upgraded to Firefox 4, and now I can’t see the Weather Watcher Live icons anymore.

I’ve tried setting the Preferences, but doing so inevitably causes Firefox to hang, and then I have to force quit. I know how to get a sample if that’s helpful.

I’m on a Mac, OSX 10.6.6.


By default, the “Add-on Bar” at the bottom does not display in Firefox 4. You’ll need to enable that bar and select it in the “Toolbar Placement” dropdown in the “General” section of the Weather Watcher Live Options window.

When exactly is the Options window causing Firefox to hang?

The “Add on Bar” was already on in View>Toolbars. I unchecked it and checked it again.

When I opened Weather Watcher Live’s Preferences, the Add-on Bar was already chosen. When I opened the preferences, I got two unresponsive script warnings. I chose to let both continue, but Firefox hung; I got the spinning beach ball, I couldn’t change anything in the preferences window, and Mac OSX’s Activity Monitor indicated that Firefox was chewing up 100% of the CPU and was not responding. I did take a sample before I Fore Quit. I can provide it if it is helpful.

Once I restarted Firefox, I once again went to Weather Watcher Live’s Preferences. This time I only got one unresponsive script warining, which specified the problematic script as “chrome://global/content/bindings/menulist.xml:137” I told it to stop the script. Then I could change settings in the Preference panes, but nothing happens when I click on “Apply.” Similarly, noting happens if I click on “OK.” The preferences panel stays open, and Weather Watcher still doesn’t appear on my toolbar.


I’m not sure what you mean by a sample, but I’ll take a look at whatever you have. If you need to email it, you can send it to me at

Well, it’s working now! It’s possible that I restarted the entire computer, and that’s what fixed it, but I don’t remember for sure if I did or not. But now I can adjust the preferences with no script warnings, no hangs, and the Apply and OK buttons work.

A sample is a text file generated by Mac OSX’s Activity Monitor. A user can ask it to “sample” the troublesome process, and it spits out a list of active threads and related information that I don’t know how to read or interpret, but some Mac developers find it helpful when tracking down bugs.

I can e-mail it to you if you want, but given that it’s working now, I’m not sure it’s helpful.


It’s good to hear all is well now. I’m not sure if the sample would be of any use, but go ahead and email it to me if it happens again.