Setting Do not stay.

Every Time I change the Sound and the Double Click action and I need to reset it Every time I restart my Computer. I did update it from a 2.X version

Here’s a fix:

It is Still not saving the double Click for me.

Did you try resetting the option and then closing/reopening StickIt?

Sorry I did not respond sooner. I did not get the Email…

I just Tried the reset (Assuming Reset icon) and It is Doing the Same thing. I am also finding the my Contacts are not Saving. Is the Files that I could modify or Save?

StickIt needs read/write access to the folllowing locations:

  1. StickIt program folder (default = C:\Program Files\StickIt)

  2. The following registry key:
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\StickIt

I’m not aware of anything else that could prevent the settings from being saved – other than clicking the “X” in the top, right corner of the windows.

I’t look like for some reason My Setting.ini file is gettting wiped out… and it is begin recreated…

Are you running StickIt from a USB drive? If not, StickIt should not be using the “Settings.ini” file.

No. But it is a FAT Partition.

If you exit StickIt and delete the “Settings.ini” file, does it recreate itself when you run StickIt again?

The Setting.ini is Still there when I stop Stickit. But it has check update stuff in it…

Also to give you some more information. My Business partner and I are using this. the net connection we are using is hamacci To connect our Two Computer(we are two different states). We are both using windows XP Pro. Now he is not having the same problem… also I was testing out your version 2.x before we updated(he was not using using stickit)

BTW I really Like Stickit. May years ago we use product that was similar. But they never update to 95/98 so we had to stop using it.

What happens when you delete the Settings.ini file and restart StickIt?

it wanted to update. After it updated. it seem to be working correctly.