set to on top notes disapear

First of all, thanx for this app, I’ve been tested a lot them, and yours seems to be the one.

But, if I’m here, it’s because when I try to “set to on top” a note, it disapears.
version 3.06
os : xp (sp3)

I tried to uninstall and reinstall, same issue.
All the notes from the first install reappeared.

Hope there is solution, I’d really like to keep stickit.

Thank you.

edit :
I installed v3.07 found on a topic in the forum => same issue

I did not precise I only use a single screen

and I add that, since my original message, the notes reappaered (probably when I restarted the computer), but the behavior is erratic, sometimes it works (I mean the “on top” notes go on top) sometimes it works not (the “on top” notes go to limbo).
When I restart the computer all the notes usually reappear.

The more I use your app, the more I like it. Would be even better without this “on top” problem.