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I, too, like many others, have been using Weather Watcher until about two-three updates ago, it stopped accessing weather data.

I run it on my laptop connected to a school network. When I’m at home, it accesses it fine. But when I’m at school, it will not.

I have my internet options to set to run through the proxy that is the school’s network ip address, and other applications I have set to run under that proxy also in their settings windows, but in Weather Watcher, all that is given to me is a secure proxy with authentication required. Mine does not require authentication.

Is there a way I can put just an ip address to run the connection through? Otherwise, it won’t access our school proxy. I can access just fine using my browser.

I really like Weather Watcher because it doesn’t hog up space and memory and it ran at school, but I will be forced to try something new if I can’t get it to work.

I am using a standard WINXP SP2 setup - a laptop with 512K RAM with a Novell Network. I also use Firefox as my browser, but I can work in IE no problem.

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can give me!

EDIT: Oh btw - I do not see a DL.exe running in the processes, but WW.exe is.


Do you have your proxy settings set up within IE?

Yes - I have the proxy connection address set up within Internet Options in the Control Panel and within Mozilla. Still no go. It worked like this before March.

DL.exe gets called by WW.exe to download the current weather data, pass it to WW.exe, then exits. If the school’s firewall has it blocked it could cause your problem.

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