Seperate User Maps from Built-in Maps

Hi, how about putting user added maps in a seperate file so that when built-in maps get updated and the file gets overwritten, the user maps don’t get lost?

The MapsHistory.ww file doesn’t get overwritten when updates are preformed. Any maps that I add I put in there. The file is simply a text file and can be updated using Notepad.

Well, it’s possible to overwrite them on a new install. Weather Watcher does make a backup of that file though.

True, but then one would have to find the additions they made to the backup file and cut & paste them into the new file. While possible, inconvenient. Making the personalized changes to the MapsHistory file is easier, upgrades don’t impact it.

And having a seperate user map file would be easier yet. Then there’s no need to enter all the data twice when creating a new map file, once in the program and once as a manual backup. And then there’s the reinstalling the maps every time there is a program update. I love this program and use it constantly, I a huge map fan and am constantly adding maps from all over the world. I realize that I could do what I need to do manually but having the feature built into the program would be fantastic.

Is there a particular reason you can’t add your new maps directly to the MapsHistory file? I’m sure I don’t have as many as you, less than a dozen for me, but when I RIGHT click on the Weather Watcher System Tray icon they are all there in the Map History menu. Isn’t that where you find the ones that you use?

These are a couple of the maps from my history file.

[code]"[United States/Southeast] 2100-Mile Doppler Radar",“
“[United States/Northeast] Satellite”,“
“[Mine] NE Radar”,“
“[Mine] USA radar”,“

“[group name] map name”,“map URL”[/code]
It’s a pretty simple format.

And the MapHistory file doesn’t get written over by WW updates and it’s a lot easier to find preferred maps than in the large maps menu.

Why don’t you just click “No” when prompted to install the maps?

I do click no during the install, but I don’t want to miss out an any cool new maps that you may have added. Since I’m sensing a little resistance to my suggestion, I’ll resort to the history method. I still love your program.

There is no resistance coming from me. I am just trying to understand what you’re doing.

Good to know. What I’m doing is adding a bunch of maps to the list, all over the list. So I’d like to be able to allow your updates to overwrite the list without losing any of the maps i added. And if the user maps were in their own list it would be easier to update them without having to scroll through all the built-in maps. If you’d like we can IM about this to speed up the communication.

Fanatic, I am planning on re-working the way the maps are layed out. I’ll make sure to allow for a separate area for user-added maps. That should solve the problem.

Fantastic, if you’d like any help with beta testing, just let me know.

Gee, I wouldn’t classify it as resistance, rather a simple way to achieve your needs without waiting for the app to be changed at some future date. Sorry you took it that way. I will go away now. :sad:

No need to go away, all ideas are welcome, even if not used.