Sending mssgs to other users... help!!!

I’m hoping someone can help me. I have the stick it program on all 3 computers in my house, we are set up using a router. I have no problem sending notes to my kids. Then I tried to send a note to a friend of mine that also uses the program. She can recieve my notes but I cant get any of hers on my computer. SHe is using windows 98 and I have Windows XP (no SP2). I am using Zone alarm and she has Mcafee but we have added eachothers IP addresses in our trusted addresses. I am curious though because the IP address shown by the Stickit program ends in a .2, my kids end in .3 and .4 with all the first numbers being the same. But if you go online and find our IP address, we all have the same # since we are on a network. We tried that new IP address and it still didnt work. And again, when I send her a note, it shows her my IP address as the same as the address given to me by Stickit program.
Any suggestions?? I hope I explained it well enough. Also , I turned off zone alarm temporarily and I still couldnt get her notes so it cant be Zone alarm.

Try the following:

  1. Make sure port 1979 is open for UDP communication.

  2. Check to make sure she is using the correct IP address.

  3. Make sure the StickIt UDP Server is enabled. You can enable it in the “Options” menu of the StickIt Control Center.

Thanks for the fast response… :slight_smile:
Yes, my UDP server is enabled in the program. Second, when I went to check the IP address on that website, it shows a different IP address than the one Stickit shows me. For example, stickit program shows for me, for my son, and for daughter. When I send a note to my friend, the Stickit program puts that IP address in her address section with my name. The website shows… for my computer and the same IP address for my son and daughter. So, if she would send a note to that IP address, which computer would it show up on… mine or my sons… or both? (we did try that IP address anyway and it didnt work)
Thirdly, enabling port 1979… maybe that is my problem but where on my computer do I go to enable that port???

You have to enable the port in your firewall settings. Depending on how your network is set up, you might not be able to receive notes.

Hello. I love this product. I enabled port 1979 like I found in the forum to send notes over the web. I am trying to use multiple PC’s to receive notes via the web and 1979 is already used for my 1st pc. Is there a string of ports I can use, since 1979 is already tied up? Thank you.

1979 is hard-coded into StickIt.