Send & Receive Problem

I installed StickIt on a wireless Samsung laptop and on my Dell desktop. Both computers use XP Home edition.

In my home office both computers were connected to a Linksys Etherfast Cable/DSL Router. The router was connected to a Surfboard cable modem.

All StickIt options were checked; the send and receive test messages from and to both computers worked flawlessly in the office location.

My son is now operating the lap top across town and the StickIt program will not function at all. I’m unable to send/receive and my son has the same problem. A thought just emerged as I write this. My son is using the lap top in the wireless mode. Will the StickIt program run in wireless mode??? And if so what changes are required to make the StickIt program run correctly.


Roland Horne

Remote stickit user


In order to have a remote user across town receive stickit notes, both of you need to have port 1979 opened for UDP in your broadband (cable/dsl) router. You typically need to forward that port to the desired machine on your network.

Hope this helps! :icon_smile: