scrollable/clickable maps on main screen


I ran an idea across Mike. I am putting it here on the forums to see if there is any interest as well to see if any new ideas based on this idea exist. I think it is a good idea.

I noticed on the main screen where the map is located there could be room for tabs/bullets above the map to offer more maps with one click access.

The idea would be where one could have maybe up to 8 custom URLs for maps (or the pre defined URLs) and would be able to have these maps click able, or allow these maps to scroll through at a defined rate set by the user.

Now let me tell you all, I am a weather geek. I think this is useful because you would be able to be right there on the main page to scroll/click through these maps without having to jump through any hoops (in the form of menu clicks). This would make it easy to predict what is going on and even has the benefit of predicting what the day might bring based on patterns seen in the map. Sure, a forecast is nice and works, but they are rarely 100%. Nothing beats the human eye/mind.

What do you all think?

An interesting idea.