Script Error - Store User Files in WWL on Vista 32


I’ve run into a small problem with WWL 6.0.16 on Vista 32bit SP1. If I select “Store User Files in WWL” in the general tab I get an error when opening WWL that says there has been a script error on the the page. The error refers to a file that it is looking for.

An example is C:\Program Files\Weather Watcher Live\Users[username]\Skins\Interface\Splendid\Cache\TLSDM\Skin.html.

A quick look in the WWL app directory and I can see that WWL created the User[username] directory but nothing else. Going back to C:\Users[username]\AppData\Roaming I see that WW and WWL directories were created. This kind of surprised me as it was a fresh install and I selected store user files in WWL program directory immediately. No matter, manually copying contents of C:\Users[username]\AppData\Roaming\Weather Watcher Live\ directory over to C:\Program Files\Weather Watcher Live\Users[username]\ seems to work around the problem. I’ve deleted the WW and WWL directories from the user’s directory and will test for a few days.

I realize this writeup is abbreviated so please let me know if you require any additional information or have any questions.


Did you check to see if Weather Watcher Live has permission to write to “C:\Program Files\Weather Watcher Live”? If you’re not logged into Windows as an administrator, then try running Weather Watcher Live as an administrator to see if the files are copied into your [username] directory.

That directory is created the first time you run Weather Watcher Live. You had to run Weather Watcher Live in order to change that option, so that explains why that directory was created.