I think it would be cool if Weather Watcher Live came with an optional screensaver feature you could enable and customize in options. It should give you weather information and maybe updated real time photos like the ones you specify for your desktop. It could also include what the weather channel does, updated photos of your locations weather, hurricane radar images, etc. This would make it the ultimate weather application!

What do you all think about this idea? Give your thoughts and opinions, so it can be perfect for the community.


I generally like the idea, but can see where it might take a bit of work.

I am mainly posting this so you know your thoughts were not ignored.

I wish to beg a little differently on the “bit of work” comment. All it would take is to copy (or just move) the downloaded maps to a folder of the users choosing. c:\users\pictures\wwl as an example. Then you could use the built in Windows screen saver that displays pictures and point that screen saver to the same folder. So all you would really have to do is give us an option to store downloaded maps into a folder. Newer downloaded maps could over write the old files so store does become an issue. It would also keep the screen saver displaying the most current information.