Screen saver

It’s been suggested a couple of times before ( at least once by myself :iconbiggrin: ) to have a screensaver feature in Weather Watcher.

The wallpaper feature is good and a lot of people use it, but my problem is that when I’m actually using my computer I don’t actually see the wallpaper much. Most of the time when I’m not using the computer, I turn it off, but when the system is on and idle, the screen saver pops up. So I’m thinking that would be a perfect place to display WW info. Of course, you have to turn off power mangement features to see it…
I’d like to have the option of displaing the contents of Current.html, or a map (animated maps preferably), or even better, cycle through a series of screens.

I would really appreciate having a weather screensaver with WW.
It could display (rotate) multiple cities, weather maps, animations, and etc.

I have found only one such software on the Net, and it is not free, nor very good…

But it would be a great feature to have when you just walk around your house or office!

Well, sorry for asking again, but is there a plan for a weather screen saver in WW?

Is it somewhere on the wish list? :icon_smile:

It is, but it’s not high priority at this point.

Thanks for the answer, Mike!
We will wait. Weather Watcher is still a great piece of software as it is. :thumbright:

Is there any progress on this suggestion, Mike? :slight_smile:

georgi, none at all.