Satellite Map may be one or two hours out in my location

Hi Mike.

I’ve noticed that there is never any cloud on the satellite map when I start up in the morning, even though there is definitely white stuff in the sky outside my window.

It may be that the map data is one or two hours out. I can’t prove this. Thuis first image shows the map at 9:15 AM. It’s definitely daylight. I’m in Sydney, GMT +10 +1 for daylight saving. Sydney is in the Southern hemisphere. Note, there is a tiny bit of cloud in the top right hand corner.

This image shows the sat map at 10:30AM. This is more accurately what is was like at 9:15.

Right now the sat map is as below but it is actually a beautiful clear blue sky outside.

I’m not sure how often Weather Underground updates their maps. If you click “SETTINGS” at the bottom of the main Weather Watcher Live window, you can change that map by entering a URL in the “Map Image Link” box.