Salvaging custom weather maps

A few questions:
When upgrading, we’re told that the maps have been updated and asked if we’d like to replace the existing ones. Question 1: Does replacing destroy the custom maps? Question 2: Is there a way to easily salvage custom maps when updating the map database?
Mike: Weather Watcher is an excellent product. I enjoy it on three PCs and one iPaq. Many thanks.

Yes, replacing the maps will overwrite your custom maps. The maps don’t change that often… I mostly just weed out the broken maps. If you’re using custom maps, then your best bet is not overwrite your maps when installing Weather Watcher.

I tried merging the maps, but I ran into issues when there were existing maps with the same names. While I could loop through the maps and prompt the user to overwrite each one, I think that would be overkill and confusing for the average Weather Watcher user.

Salvaging user-defined custom weather maps

Thank you for the prompt response. I agree that looping and prompting the user for a replacement decision might be confusing and tedious. Is there a way to store custom map links with a flag that differentiates them or store them in another file? With the file approach, you would have to merge Weather Watcher map links with the custom ones so the user would be confronted by a consolidated list of maps.
I suspected that you weeded out obsolete map links with your updates and would like to benefit from the “house cleaning.”
Again, thanks for a great product.

bordons, you might find this thread from last year relevant: … apshistory

bordons, I think the separate file will help. Thinking about it some more… using two separate map lists would allow for maps with multuple names to be added to the map dropdown. That’s not necessarily a show stopper, but you could end up with two identical maps (by name) in your map dropdown.

EdP, thanks for digging up that link :cool:

Thanks EdP and Mike.