Runtime Error 481

Weather watcher was running ok but after I changed some settings in the values to show in the tool tip I got the following:

Runtime Error 481
Invalid picture

I set the values back to where they were before but it made no difference. What does this mean?

Do you still have the Background.gif in the \Weather Watcher\Skins\Tooltip\Classic folder?

Did you recycle Weather Watcher after resetting the changes?

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It looks like you’re missing files. Try reinstalling Weather Watcher using the full setup.

Thanks for the fast reply! I re-installed WW and it now works again except that I have 2 temp readings shown one of which is where the weather condition should be and if I hold my mouse pointer over it … it reads Partly cloudy.

Try changing the Tray Icon skin in the “Skins” tab of the Weather Watcher Options window.

Thanks all working again as it was before … strange how it changed for no aparent reason.