Run-time error 380 - Invalid property value

This usually occurs when you are using an old version of StickIt. Run the following fix and double-check that you are using the current version.

This fix can be run from anywhere.

HI and salutations!

All i get from StickIt is a runtime error 5 and the fix, mentioned above does not do anything for me!
The error appears when i try to save a stickit note
Any ideas?
I have Windows XP sp@ running here.



Hi and greetings from The Netherlands (Holland)

Hi again,

I solved the problem myself by canging the install folder from the default folder to c:/stickit and it works fine now!
Sloppy work Mike! [8D]



Hi and greetings from The Netherlands (Holland)

Fraha, sorry [:(] StickIt hasn’t been updated for almost 2 years now. It is definitely due for an update!