Revision history

Hi, Mike – I’ve sure been enjoying the Firefox WW extension you made. Thanks! I just saw there was an update to 1.0.23, but the drop-down list for “what’s new” (part of the addon update notice in FF) is just an empty line. I looked around the Firefox hosting pages for the addon and even checked here but it looks like there’s no change log entry for this one. Have I missed it somewhere? :icon_smile:

The latest version just contains a few changes to fix some minor issues that the Mozilla add-on reviewers noted when reviewing the previous release.

Thanks much. Even a line or two is helpful in determining how urgent the update is, whether it might conflict with other addons, and various other issues. :cool:

Anyway, much obliged and best wishes to you!

Yep… I understand. There was some confusion on my part when I was going back and forth with them. I wasn’t aware that they were publicly releasing every build.

No harm done. I wasn’t notified of some minor intermediate revisions, so I’m not sure how they decide which versions go public for general use. Sure is a handy addon, though! It’s one of those things that I’m now so used to having that I’d really miss it if you ever discontinued it. :thumbright: