Revert systray icon to italics if temp out of date

Thanks for the great Weather Watcher app!

I have a small(?) suggestion for the systray icon. I like the current feature of “Set icon to italic until weather update” because it gives me a simple indication that the temp number in the system tray is inaccurate, or at least out of date and suspect.

What would be a nice feature would be to have a time threshold option, where if WW wasn’t able to download an updated current temperature for a period of time (preferrably a configurable # of hours), the systray icon would revert to italics, again to give a simple indication that the temp number in the system tray is inaccurate, or at least out of date and suspect. I know that you can show the “Observed” time in the tooltip, and that is nice, but it still requires a hover, where this would be obvious at a quick glance. I have had it happen a number of times where for whatever reason, WW wasn’t able to get an update for a day or more, but I didn’t notice that the temp was hopelessly out of date until I went outside and felt a 20 degree difference from the WW display (I am in Michigan where that temp swing can happen fairly often :slight_smile:

So to summarize, it would be a nice feature to have a checkbox option to revert to systray icon to italics if the currently displayed temp is out of date by a configurable number of hours, with a default threshold of perhaps 3 hours.

And while we are at it, I just thought of another suggestion :slight_smile:

If the tooltip “Observed” date is not the current date, showing the actual observed date in the hover tooltip would be nice as well. I.e. right now it is 11:51 AM and my “Observed” time is 9:53 AM, so I presume it is today at 9:53 AM, but if I have failed to get a new download since yesterday, it would be nice for the “Observed” time to show the MM/DD/YYYY date as well. In the interest of saving tooltip space, only showing the date if the observed date is different than the current date is probably the preferred option.

Thanks again for a great app!

I like the expired temp reverting to italics suggestion.

The date suggestion would concern me due to the tooltip’s limited number of chars. If the actual date of the data needs to be known simply going to the bottom of the Current Conditions window or any of the Forecast windows displays it.