resources and internet access

Sometimes, StickIt trys - on its own - to access the internet. Zone arlam always warns me when it happens. Why does StickIt need to access the internet on its own and why, when this happens, does it hog system resources to the point that CPU usage shows 100%. I am forever shutting down StickIt so that I can get my other programs running again.

Gordon, StickIt should only be accessing the Internet when sending notes to other StickIt users and/or when it phones home to check if there is a new StickIt update available. It’s quite possible that StickIt is getting caught in an endless loop somewhere due to Zone Alarm’s restrictions.

You can prevent StickIt from checking for a new version by following the steps below.

1) Right-click the StickIt system tray icon and choose Options… to open the StickIt Options window.

2) In the General tab of the StickIt Options window, uncheck the Check for new StickIt updates checkbox.

3) Click the OK button to close the StickIt Options window.