resizing the font and icons within main window on 1920x1080

I would like to increase the font and icon sizes within the main window of WW on my new comp. that has a 1920x1080 screen.
I would greatly appreciate any assistance on the matter.


Franco Bujosa

To change the font sizes look at the Forecast skin’s Style.css file. It’s a text file and can be opened in any text editor including Notepad. Look for the string “font-size” and change it’s value to what you want it to be. Do note there are many references to “font-size”. You will have to determine which ones you want to change.

The icons/images sizes can be changed by searching for the string “IMG SRC=” and changing the corresponding WIDTH and HEIGTH values in the Forecast’s WTP file. It too is a text file that can be opened with Notepad or other text editor.

However, some images don’t look right when their size parms are changed from the imaqe’s basic size in which case replacement images need to be created or found.

Thank you Ed for the information. I increased the Font, Width and Height values by 20 (eg. from 23 to 43) in the Style.css and to no avail.
I edited the above after exiting WW and when finished, i reloaded it and no changes were seen. Did I miss something?

The Style.css has to be in the folder of the WW Forecast skin you’ve selected. If you’re not seeing any effect of your changes your not in the right skin folder.

I have no WIDTH or HEIGHT parms in my Splendid Forecast’s Style.CSS, so I guess a key question now is what Forecast skin are you using?

You can make the changes while WW is running, they just won’t be effective until the next WW Update runs.