Request: option not to re-download when changing active city

I like to hop around my cities list and compare readings, and I wish I could avoid re-downloading a city I just look at a minute ago. I wish I could set an option to not re-download when changing cities.


The option seems to be there on the “Active City” tab, but when I clear the check box, it doesn’t have the desired effect. Mike?

Well, the way it seems to work (remember I’m a very new user :slight_smile: is that setting the active city from the options dialog doesn’t do anything until the next update. If you have that box checked then an update happens when you apply the change from the dialog; else it happens as scheduled.

What I’m doing, or tyring to do, is leave the main window up and, using the tray icon popup menu, cycle quickly through my list of cities. So what I want is an option for that change of active city not to cause a download.

That option could apply to changing the active city from the option dialog as well. When the dialog change is applied, the displayed city will change immediately or on the next update according to the existing checkbox. If the change is applied immediately then there could be the option to download data then, or not until the next update.

If WW doesn’t download the data for the new city where will WW get the data to display? It doesn’t warehouse it. A look into the WW Forecast skins folder shows only one set of html files and they are for the active city not one set per city.

Ah. Well, again in the immortal words, “Never mind”. :icon_smile:

Of course, I should have realized that. However, I get the impression that Mike may be going in the direction of keeping data for multiple cities because WW Mobile for the Pocket PC does just that. Also, why have a setting on the “Active City” option tab if it doesn’t have a function?

That’s the plan. I’ll do this as soon as I start saving the data in the user profiles.

That setting allows the weather to be updated when the Options window is closed. It’ll probably be removed after I make the change above.

:thumbright: Will this allow for portable versions of WW? It would be great to have WW on a Jump/Flash USB drive that we could carry with us and use without impacting the user’s system. With everything being written to the Windows Registry that is currently not possible.

No. The settings that are currently stored in the registry will still be stored there. Accessing the settings from the registry is much faster than accessing them from files.

I do plan on creating a portable version of Weather Watcher. That won’t come into play until I complete some of the other big changes I’m working on now.


Will the user profile concept resolve the problem with limited access ids?

I think so.