reply to Mr Singer re wind speed comments

got your reply, thanks.
Version I have is 7.2.154 (I note a mention of 7.2.155 - with numbering problems - but my “Check for new version” on start up has not detected it yet.

My reference station for this communication with you is in East Malaysia [Borneo] and it is identified as “KOTA KINABALU MS” - this morning it posts “Currently unavailable Weather Watch will display data from nearest station” _ found Kampung Taguli (KOTA KINABALU IN) was showing the same data as provided to my “site” KOTA KINABALU MS" this morning - viz 0.0 m/sph et cetera.

It could be too early in the day for the home based weather station (Maybe) to be on line??)

I noted from your “HISTORY” tab which takes me to WeatherUnderground, for Blackwood SA (Where I live) at 9:58AM local time [I]wind 0.0 km/h - wind from the North.

Hope all of this helps [/I]

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