removing icon

I realize that programs require a lot of writing so this may not be an option that is feasible, and most want more not less :slight_smile: However, I’d like the option to remove the map icon. But, if I’m the only one, or only one of a few, it would not be worth the time, I’m sure, and since I love the program because it gives me weather from 2 blocks from my house and am not about to stop using it, I won’t be upset if this doesn’t happen :slight_smile:


You were the first to suggest this change. I’ll keep you in mind and will certainly consider it if I receive this request from more people.

What map icon?

It’s an icon in the Weather Watcher Live Firefox extension. Mousing over it shows the radar map for the selected weather station.

Ah, okay. I didn’t notice what forum I was in. Sorry about that. :wink: