Reinventing the Splendid skin

I’m looking for ideas and suggestions to improve the Splendid interface skin. Do you like/hate the colors? Would you like to see new gauges? Etc.

Please post away! Good or bad… I want to hear it all :icon_smile:

Use real moon images,
Different colors & styles of buttons,
Different Current forecast background colors,
Different Current forecast backgrounds like wallpapers,
Fix the Detailed forecast date change problem,
Fix the Current forecast Tonight/Tomorrow change problem,

There is the significant lack of a “Detailed” button on the interface skin. It prevented me from giving the “Splendid” Interface more than passing consideration.

How about incorporating the additional features we’ve seen in XMM’s, EdP’s and Fl?gger’s versions of the Splendid forecast skin.

Finally, some attention to the other screens (Hourly, Daily, Detailed) would be good. Compared to “Current” they are flat and lifeless. Granted, with all the info in “Current” there is almost no need for the other screens. I still switch to them often enough when I want to look at data for more than 8 Hours or 8 Days. I don’t like trying to read the Detailed forecasts via the mouseovers on the Daily screen, hence the need for the Detailed screen as well.

I like the colors as they are, but I’m open to a different color scheme.

A link on Splendid that invokes the Skywatch Flash app for the current WW city’s weather.

I love this app:

A direct link to the Flash app:

[size=2]"skywatch"&dtLocIds=USNH0216&dtLocNames=Golford,%20NH%20(12345)&prsDate=Sat,%20Jun%2007&prsCity=Golfordr&prsSt=NH&prsSR=5:33%20AM&prsSS=8:45%20PM&prsMR=12:36%20PM&prsMS=1:39%20AM&prsMnPhsDesc=First%20Quarter&dtMnPhsVal=7&dtSkyCondDay=5&dtSkyCondNight=5&dtSR=2006|6|3|5|33|9&dtSS=2006|6|3|20|45|9&dtMR=2006|6|3|12|36|9&dtMS=2006|6|3|1|39|9&dtBsLocid=&sfld=14616&dtDate=2006|6|3|18|15|9&dtIsAfter=t&dtDayNum=0&dtDayofWeek=7&dtWxIconDay=11&dtWxIconNight=11[/size] :icon_smile:
Note all the values passed.

Adding a Favorite Photo as a background option for the skin would be clever. (ala the Laguja skin) :wink:

Unfortunately simply adding a " background=“Images/Favorite.bmp” parm to the top Table tag shows that there are numerous little problems that need to be addressed. Setting the background around the thermometer bulb, barometer and wind gauge images to be transparent being the least of them. :???:

Try it, you’ll see what I mean.

Splendid - Favorite Photo (and yellow background)

[size=2]Click on image for larger view[/size]
Why is there blue in the lower right hand corner of the photo?

Splendid - Yellow

[size=2]Click on image for larger view[/size]