Refresh Wallpaper! What wallpaper?

If the weather wallpaper function is disabled via WW options inadverting clicking on the Refresh Wallpaper option in the Tray icon’s option shouldn’t change the desktop’s wallpaper.

More precisely the option shouldn’t even be listed if the function is off.

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Some people might be using it like that… I’m not even sure why I added that menu item. I could gray it out when the Wallpaper option is disabled.

Graying it is a good option, especially if that indicates that nothing will happen if it’s clicked. [:)]

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dvanburen, if you don’t use the Weather Watcher wallpaper feature, then why would you want to view the map as your wallpaper?

You could view the map from the Weather Watcher map menu. Once you view the map for the first time, you can easily acccess it again from the “Map History” at the top of the map menu.

Why? Simple, because I like it that way :slight_smile: Seriously, there are a few reasons, but nothing important enough to relate here.

I will give the Map interface a fair try, however I am having some difficulty. I can’t seem to get any maps listed in the maps interface. It is my (possibly flawed) understanding that all I have to do is view a map, and it will be automatically listed. I have tried this from the Wallpaper interface, yet no maps appear in the maps interface. Is this the proper way, or am I doing something completely wrong?


The Weather Watcher window’s View Maps icon should show you a whole list of maps that you can view. And the Map Manager function allows you to add your own.

As for the Map History, you can cheat and manipulate the history by editing the MapHistory.ww in a text editor like Notepad. The format of the entries is simple:

“label”,“URL of gif/jpg”

If you don’t have any maps currently listed something is wrong with your install.

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