Recurring message in WWL 51

Every time I open WWL, I get the message:

“Please be patient while Weather Watcher Live updates the skin files in your Windows Profile.”

Not a show stopper, and the message disappears after a few seconds, but probably something you’d like to fix for the next release.

When you see that message, Weather Watcher Live is copying the skins and other working files from the Weather Watcher Live program folder to your Windows profile (the default location for each user’s Weather Watcher Live settings). If you’re seeing this message on each start, then it seems Weather Watcher Live is not able to copy those files.

Is it possible that Weather Watcher Live does not have access to copy files to your Windows profile? If you’re running any security software, you might want to temporarily shut it down to see if it has any effect on copying process.

Good call!

I shut down the AV component of Eset Smart Security (which is essentially Eset NOD32), and re-started WWL. The copy succeeded, since I did not get the message on the next re-start of WWL. After that, I was able to restart Eset Smart Security, and there were no further problems with WWL on startup.

At least if you’re using VISTA, restart your computer in SAFE mode and load Weather Watcher Live. The message will appear briefly. Now, when you return to regular mode, it shouldn’t appear again.