Really weird problem on Vista 64


I run last WW version on Vista 64.

First of all, it used to work well before I did some play with Windows Sidebar/Explorer settings! I just reset my Internet Explorer 7 settings to defaults. That’s all. I also did a try to the sidebar weather applet in sidebar.

After this play, WW IS BROKEN IN AN INCREDIBLE (for me) WAY.

To try to solve everything fast, I removed WW and install it again becouse it started asking me if I want to install a new map at any new reboot or log on/log off in any account of my Vista 64 machine. It happen EVERY TIME AT EVERY REBOOT OR LOG/ON-OFF and it stopped update the weather.

So I removed the app, carefully deleted everything even in %APPDATA%\roaming\weather watcher folder and reinstalled the app!

It is INCREDIBLE: even after reinstall, as I said, it keep asking me for new maps and backup EVERY TIME, main program window do not appear and searching for a city stay forever on search!

What happen???

Thankx from this satanistic pig if u can help! :slight_smile:

Here some more info: desktop applet (I’m using it now, considering sadly WW is now broken :frowning: ) work and update perfectly like WW it used do in the past.

Sadly City Search in WW is blocked on Searching… forever.

Really really sad after some months of neat use.

Greatings from a french legendary satanistic pig :slight_smile:

Hehehe, I found out there is a lot of beta versions and I did a try to the latest called “L”.

This version seems to have a Map Upgrade Assistant. And that confirm there is some problems with my old maps! Then the point is: WHERE ARE MY OLD MAPS CONSIDERING I COMPLETELY REMOVED THE APPLICATION BEFORE INSTALL THE NEW ONE???

Error message is always: “Run Time Error 432: File Name Or Class Name Not Found During Automation Operation”.

If I choose the option Ask Me Again Later, the program stay in Please Wait forever and I have to kill it.

After I kill it, if I try to run Weather Watcher again I do have this error message: Run Time Error 91 Object variable or with Block variable not set. I click ok and the program is terminated.

Hope this can help someone (maybe rockin Mile??? :-))) to help me!

I’m definitely a fan of WW, much much better compared to the default free desktop :slight_smile:

The legendary satanistic pig, thepig666!

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Oh sorry! Then, anything to say on the specific of the subjects?

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