Real North

Congratulations, WW is very nice !
Would be cool if we could rotate the Wind Direction/Speed Indicator in order to keep it oriented to real North.

What do you mean by the “real North”? :???:

@Marcelo Lima

How is WW going to know which way the pc or nb is facing in order to rotate it’s orientation?

Can you attach an image of how you want it to appear?


Answering you and EdP: rotate by drag and dropping the object Wind Speed-Direction, so you can point the North to real (magnetic) North.
Of course, as we don?t have a GPS in our computer, or a magnetic compass, if we change physical position we?ll drag it to the new North.
This way, screen wind direction will correspond to the exact direction.


Ahhh, a user based North setting…Interesting. I actually kinda like the idea…