Rain totals

I just love Weather Watcher - I notice one error though. My yearly rain is the same as my monthly rain. I don’t know if it’s the station or the software? I changed the station, but is it because I recently downloaded the software?

Which city are you using?

What skin are you using that shows the yearly rain?

Milford, NJ (Holland Twsp) I live in 08825. The skin I think is the default one that looks like the sky with clouds Splendid, icon is weatherbug and tooltip is classic :cry: [-o<

Right now, I see 0.00’’ monthly rain and 0.17’’ yearly rain. That matches what is listed at WeatherBug.com:

Weather Watcher Live pulls the data from WeatherBug’s weather data feed. If that data is not correct, then you’ll have to contact WeatherBug for support since they store and maintain the data.

I have a similar problem with rain totals: daily, monthly, and yearly all show the same, but they all are shown as either N/A or zero depending on the station.

I have tried several stations in the 12603 area:
Dutchess County Airport
Stewart International Airport at New Windsor
Oakwood Friends School
Binghamton Regional Airport, NY
Hopkins International Airport, Cleveland OH

As we all know around here, June broke all records back to 1903 for the most rainfall here, and I’m sure Binghamton and Cleveland had a substantial amount as well.

Have I set up my options incorrectly?

I have the same problem here too. Monthly and Yearly rain totals always read 0 for the yearly total and 0.00 for the monthly total.

There is definately a bug here because I have 11 weather stations added to my Weather Watcher Live program. I live in Connecticut and believe me, we have had more rain this month (July) than any other month.

So the bug exsists, IMO…

It would surely be a bug if Weather Watcher Live displayed 0 and WeatherBug.com displayed something else. Is that what you’re seeing?

Here’s Wetherbugs website for my area:

http://weather.weatherbug.com/CT/East%2 … code=z5640

Note from website:
Rain/Month: 7.39"
Rain for today: Rain: 0.25" (this one is fine)
Rain yearly: I don’t see on the website where that figure is.

So rain totals for the month and year always read “0”

And below are my current weather stats:


Funny thing I just noticed Mike. I changed the active weather station for Windsor Locks Bradley Airport to another Windsor Locks station (Windsor Locks MS) and, voila, all the rain totals show up fine and they are correct totals.


So it seems that certain weather stations are not reporting complete information for rain totals.

I hope this information helps you figure out what’s going on with rain/precip totals…


RobertD_CT, the WeatherBug.com link you posted above points to the Windsor Locks MS weather station. You were using the Bradley Intl Airport station in Weather Watcher Live, so you are going to see different results.

BTW, all airport weather stations are owned by NWS. The NWS weather stations do not report rain data to WeatherBug.

Ah. I see. So it looks like this problem has been resolved and it’s not a bug after all… =D>

Thanks Mike