Rain readings

As of about a week ago, the Daily, Monthly, & Yearly Rain readings have been either 0 or only about 10% of actual for the Orlando, Florida area. I have 4 different Active Stations and they all are incorrectly acting the same. They are not located close to one another either. It started out one day being a 0 readings for several days then it seemed to begin to accumulate rainfall reading from scratch with a little rain showing up gradually, but still are way off for the month and year. Even the new accumulation reading seems too little for the month. This is our rainy time of the year. I am using the Weather Watcher Live version (Beta). There are no error messages.

Please list the weather stations that you’re using.

Apopka, FL (Apopka Memorial MS)
Orlando, FL (Orlando Executive Airport)
Orlando, FL (Orlando International Airport)
Oviedo, FL (St. Luke’s Lutheran School)