Dear Author!
I use the Weather Watcher program and i’ve a question:
When program display the Current Conditions
Temperature is showing (e.g) 14 ?C and never show last digit (14,1) or (14,5) ?C.
Thanks for reply!

Joe – I am assuming you mean 14.5? The temperature is round off to a whole digit when it is converted. I will make a note to display a more accurate result either in the next v5 update or in version 6.

I have noticed that it is not really rounded, in fact it is showing the enter digit only. For example, with a temperature of 8.9?C, the task icon shows 8 only.

Nick – Try version 5.0.19. The Celsius conversion is more precise now… 21.2 instead of just 21.

You are right!. All the windows show the temperature with one decimal. What it seems to be still an issue is the showed temperature in the system try. It is using the integer part only.

In the site there is a way to change between ?c and ?F. Would not be better to access this feature instead of converting values in the program?.
The problem is that I do not know how the site is managing this. It seems to use the same page link.

Nick – The short answer is no. It would be hard because uses cookies to remember if the metric setting is enabled on their web site.

As for the conversion, it’ll be essential soon. I am going to add an Option that allows for both F & C to be displayed in Weather Watcher at the same time. Some people have requested that.