Question about "Sounds" option

I just newly downloaded the weather watcher. I am trying to figure out how the sounds work. Do you have to retrieve the sounds you want from somewhere?

When I go into options, and click on “sounds”. The first sounds options I have are “New severe weather alert” listed. The next section “Sounds”, had NONE listed. The “sound until acknowledged” was not an option to check. I clicked on Browse and it took me to a window that said “select sounds”. It showed folders, “forecasts, icons, interface and tooltips”. Didn’t have sounds listed. So, I am totally confused on where the sounds are.

Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.

I understand your confusion felinelover06. It would be nice if the Sound option started you at the Windows sound folder, c:\Windows\Media, but it doesn’t.

If you don’t like the sounds found in the c:\Windows\Media folder you can do a Search, using Windows Explorer, for *.wav files and may find others that appeal to you.

And of course there is the whole 'net that you can Google for .wav files, but I suspect you will be satisfied with what you already have on your hard drive.


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