Program will not launch in Vista

I downloaded and installed StickIt and checked the run StickIt box at the end of installation. My firewall (AVG) asked me to authorize internet access for StickIt which I approved. Then nothing. The program will not launch. I tried starting from the program menu. Nothing. I uninstalled and reistalled but it still will not run. I have been using StickIt on my XP machine for a while and like it but this is the first time I have tried to run it on Vista.

I’ve tried StickIt on Windows Vista and Windows 7, so I’m certain it’ll run on those operating systems. Do you see a yellow note icon in the system tray when you start StickIt? You can right-click that icon to access StickIt’s functions.

The StickIt icon is not on the task bar and StickIt does not show up in Task Manager so i’m pretty sure the program fails to launch.

When you attempt to start StickIt, do you see the “StickIt3.exe” process appear (even for a second) in the “Processes” tab of the Windows Task Manager?

There is no sign of StickIt in the Processes tab of Task Manager when trying to launch the program. I tried several times with all the processes displayed but unfortunately nothing.

Try reinstalling StickIt: