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Product name in Forum titles

I’ve noticed it is sometimes difficult to distinguish between the forums for different products, especially if you run the “View posts since last visit” search.

i.e. Both Weather Watcher “Suggestions & Feedback” and SysSense “Suggestions & Feedback” look like this:

The same thing happens with various “FAQ & How To” and “Unofficial & Old Releases” forum titles. How about inserting the product name in all the top level forum titles?

Hunz, I recall that I originally removed the product names because it was making some of the forum titles a bit wordy. I re-added the product names and used different colors to help make those wordy forums more readable.

Mike, now that you mention it, I do remember that was why you took the product names out. Thanks for humoring me. I do think it makes it easier to distinguish one forum from another. Thanks again.

I do too – especially since I read all of the forums. Do you think the multi-colored names are helpful?

Yeah, I think it works well.