Problems with user profiles

I have tried installing WW into c:\documents and settings\username after reading some posts on fixing file/path access problems when non-admins try to run ww. But I am still having problems.

I am copying user profiles from one user to another. I do not want to log on as each user to alter their ww settings. The option to run ww at Windows startup does not stick from one copied user profile to another. I have to add it to the Startup folder instead. That presents another problem … the path to the exe is in another user’s profile, so I changed the shortcut to c:\documents and settings%username%\weather watcher. This works for only the first profile but not for another when the profile is copied.

I would really like a workaround to installing ww in ONE place and letting multiple non-admins be able to run it. Is there a new solution to this?

There is more to a WW install than meets the eye, which is the same for all Windows apps. There is also the Registry settings. Installing WW into multiple user profiles works because the install updates the Registry for each profile. Simply copying the folder from one location to another does not work. If WW was a DOS app you would have a shot but it isn’t.

(The majority of WW’s Registry settings are located here:
HKCU\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\Weather Watcher)

Having a common folder works if; a.) it is Shared with Modify Access so each user has update access to it and b.) all users use the same city and skins.

BTW Make sure you read this thread on the subject. … php?t=1641

That’s strange that that doesn’t work.

I was talking about copying user profiles (using profile management), which include user registry settings (ntuser.dat), not just copying folders.

There really isn’t any problem at all. From reading past posts, it sounded like Mike wanted to restructure WW to deal with multiple users and which would fix that file/path access error that people were reporting. But all it takes is a permissions change on the WW program folder.

So I have put WW back where it belongs and it is working well for all users.