Dear Author!
I’ve a question:
Not possible to display Weather Watcher in Forecasts (10 day,hourly Forecast) the possible wind,dew point,and humidity?
This things is forecasted by where this program refresh the Forecasts.
Thanks for reply!
And Thanks for support!

Joe – Check for an updated version. [8D]

Thanks for support!
I’ve a latest question Weather Watcher 5.0.17 don’t show conditions on System tray.
This “problem” will be fixed in the new version?
Thanks for reply! [:)]

Joe – the system tray icon problem is fixed in version 5.0.18. My file host is have technical difficulties, so I am not able to upload the new version at this time. Hopefully I will be able to put it up sometime today.

Dear Mike! is down? What’s the problem?
I hope this site will be usable in few time today.

Dear Mike!
When i search and found new cities with Weather Watcher the founded cities not added automatically to the listbox.
Please test the program and fix it this problem!

Joe – The search results never save to the City drop-down box. The only cities that save are the ones that you select from the Search window OR the ones that you manually type in the City drop-down box.

Note: The city is not actually added to the drop-down box until the Options window has been closed.

Dear Mike!
You don’t answer to my first question:
“Not possible to showing Weather Watcher in Forecasts (10 day,hourly Forecast) to the forecasted wind,dew point,and humidity?”
And the “comma” problem on showing temperatures (conditions) what versions to fix it?
Really thanks for support!

Dear Author!
What a time to out a new version of Weather Watcher?

Joe – I’m not sure what you are asking… your posts are a bit confusing.

Weather Watcher version 5.0.20 has been released this morning. It includes a fix for the 10-Day Forecast. Download it here:

Sorry i’m sure sleepy when write that post [:)]
Thanks for a new version! [:D]