problem with wws: it changes where I am!

sorry, I encounter a problem.
I installed a few days ago the w.w.s program and it works less a few hickoughs. Problem is NOW it tells me I am in langkawi (Malaysia) and not Phuket airport… NOTE: in the bar it says it IS Phuket but when you boot the system it says Malaysia(!). I donot know what has changed as I tried reinstalling but problem stays the same. Ie the program changes mind where I am…
A few days ago It nicely told me details came from Phuket Airport!

Secondly: any chance to add Tsunamies??? Essentially a warning???
In Thailand the government warnings have many errors and nobody trust them!

thirdly: you mention the machines for receiving weather warnings. Would they work in Phuket??

Are you using Weather Watcher or Weather Watcher Live?

In Weather Watcher Live, if your selected weather station goes down, Weather Watcher Live will automatically switch to the next closest weather station until your weather station comes back up. Weather Watcher never automatically switches.

Unfortunately, I do not have access to weather alerts outside of the US and Canada. I don’t know of any good sources that provide free data access.

I’m not sure what you mean about the machines for receiving weather warnings. Can you explain?

ah: the live version!! if that causes the problem at present it would be better I guess to change versions!

Second part and 3rd I will answer in the next few days as in Thailand the
political situation is a bit variable at present…

I installed the version which is not live and it worked but I later reinstalled the live version as:
problem must have been caused by people interfering what happened in the airport… At present it works fine but I have one request: there is a non live and live version. How difficult is it to make it select from a list with a few places on it? Shouldn’t be that hard I would have thought and advantage would be only one program to sort out if bugs are reported… Even if user errors! Like in my case the system in Phuket airport wasn’t working!
I had a quick look where the data is stored and it shouldn’t be that difficult to change it some time to more then 1 place it can be set to…
We have many places on the list so it shouldn’t be that difficult to select krabi (is 2 hours away etc) or one of others which isn’t an airport.
Just for those interested: Phuket has very localized weather as its a hill in the middle of an island with capes separating the beaches and its quite normal to pass a cape and end up in rain… In many cases rain is even following man made roads! I saw this once and it looked like an upside down delta area! Whatever, I like to be able to select limited sensors as on my home PC I would rarely be interested in weather elsewhere. Obviously different in the USA!!

does anyone know what small weather stations do exist?? In Phuket it would be mainly rain or no rain as its always warm anyway! Storms tend to be quite visible as they tend to impact the whole island!

Last question: has anyone ever considered adding Tsunami warning to the program as there is at least one website in the USA logging earthquakes… All one would have to do is extract data within a certain specified distance/strength. It would be a LOT cheaper then what they do now…