Problem with showing the daily forecast

Hi, I have a problem with showing the daily forecast. It doesn’t show at any stations. I use stations in Slovakia, Europe.
My version of WWL is 7.2.106.
Windows 10 64bit v1703

Please post a screenshot so I can see what you’re describing.

Can you post a screenshot of the Windows “Region” window so I can see your Windows time/date format? That window looks like this:

Here you are. This is what you meant, don’t you?

First day of week is Monday (pondelok).

My license expires for five days, but I can’t renew it, because the problem with showing the daily forecast can’t be solved. Sorry

I found Weather Watcher was unable to parse your date format. All should work properly in Weather Watcher version 7.2.109. You can download that installer here. It’s okay to install it right over top of your current version of Weather Watcher.

I have installed version 7.2.109 and everything works the way it should be. Thank you for solving my problem, after all I’ll renew my license :slight_smile: