problem in sydney

hi, i live in sydney, weather watcher is a great program, but sometimes (normally at midnight), when i want to retrieve update, i got the following error in Current condition[:(]
An error has occurred!

Try the following:

  1. Check that you are connected to the Internet.

  2. If you’re connected to the Internet, try updating this
    forecast again.
    …and so on

and i got a blank page on ‘view daily forecast’ However i have no problem viewing the Detail forcast n Hourly forcast.
I check the page at the time i got problem, the page is totally fine.

Something weird is that when i use on another city like washington or other asian country, they are fine. But both sydney n melbourne are not working properly.

I m using the latest version 5.0.20c already, please help


If the information is showing up at OK, it’s possible that Weather Watcher is timing out when it tries to retrieve the weather from Is your Internet connection usually slow around midnight? Try upadting the weather again right after it fails… Does that help?

my connection is even faster then usual in night time[;)]

tonight it’s working fine now. i just wonder how long is the weather watcher time out?

i try to update it again after it fail, still fail
however i immediately switch to other city outside australia, it’s working; but i switch back to sydney, it doesn’t work again


The next time it fails, please e-mail me the files that are in the “HTML” folder in the Weather Watcher install folder. Send them to

I have sent the zipped Html directory to your email