Pressure not changing

Hi there,

I recently discovered this great piece of software as I was using another (buggy) one for years. I especially use the log option and let the software write the data to a text file. WWL is really very flexible in this and it is easy to configure the data stream as one wishes.
But unfortunately I do have an issue with the data for Antwerp (Belgium). The pressure value [BAROMETER PLAIN] has for example not changed since I installed the software on December, 23. I let WWL retrieve the data every 30 minutes but it always stays 1015,9 hpa. Is this an error stationwise or am I doing something else wrong ? Here’s the template I use :


And here’s an excerpt of what it produces :

23/12/2008;6:24:11;23/12/2008 05:50:00;Partly Cloudy;0,6;100;1015,9;SSW;3,219;0,6;0
23/12/2008;6:25:09;23/12/2008 05:50:00;Partly Cloudy;0,6;100;1015,9;SSW;3,219;0,6;0

24/12/2008;23:21:18;24/12/2008 22:50:00;Partly Cloudy;5,6;93;1015,9;N;9,656;4,4;0
24/12/2008;23:52:24;24/12/2008 23:20:00;Partly Cloudy;5,6;93;1015,9;N;9,656;4,4;0
25/12/2008;0:23:29;24/12/2008 23:50:00;Partly Cloudy;5,6;87;1015,9;NNE;9,656;3,9;0
25/12/2008;0:54:35;25/12/2008 00:20:00;Partly Cloudy;5,6;87;1015,9;NNE;8,047;3,9;0
25/12/2008;1:25:41;25/12/2008 00:50:00;Partly Cloudy;5;93;1015,9;NNE;8,047;3,9;0

You can see there’s not a bit of variation in the pressure value. The real pressure during those moments (and still is) was a lot higher and ranged between approx. 1033 and 1039 hpa. So I am very sure the data retrieved by WWL is erroneous.

Oh yes, I am using version 6.0.1

Thanks very much for all the help you can provide.


Marc, I see 1029.1 right now, so it seems it has been updated at some point. You could try reporting this issue to WeatherBug, but I’m assuming they won’t be able to help since they get that data from a third party.

Seems you are getting different data than I then since it is still fixed to 1015,9 hpa here. WeatherBug told me to contact the developer of this product, so I’m back where I started … :sad:
Another thing is that WWL reports ‘sunny’ conditions after sunset. Shouldn’t ‘Clear’ be a better description here ?


Marc, yes, WeatherBug would most likely reply that way if you reported a Weather Watcher Live bug to them. The thing to do would be to see if you notice that issue at If so, then you could report it to them at that point.

Please post a screenshot of the “NOW” section of your main Weather Watcher Live window.

The following thread contains a link to an update that displays the correct condition icon and text in the Weather Watcher Live tray icon window:


Best wishes for the new year!

Here’s a screenshot of the Now section :

As you can see the pressure is still fixed to 1015,9.

Thanks BTW for the update concerning the icon. Looks like it’s fixed.