Pressure box

The Pressure box goes through the numbers. Any way to fix this. If you like I would show you a pic. How do you upload a pic on here? Thanks.

Please post a screenshot. Did you try increasing the height of the window?

How do you post a screen shot? Increasing the height of the window does fix it but is this only fix. The default will put the window back right? So will have to fix it again if I have to do clean install again.

After you take a screenshot, click the Add image to post link below the reply text box and attach the image file.

You will have to resize the window again if you do a clean install. You can install newer versions of Weather Watcher Live over existing installations, so I doubt clean installs will be an issue.

Now I see how to do it. How did I miss that? lol Just was hoping of a better way to fix this. Just think if this was my first time installing the program would not have to resize the the window to fix it. I can live with this. Not hard to resize at all. Love this program a lot. Keep up the great work.